Tactile Messy Play Kit 1 – Collection of 3 Essential Items


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This is one amazing collection of Messy Play items. In this kit we focus on the items that are meant to provide both Visual and Tactile stimulation. Powerful colours and soft mushy materials come together in order to develop children’s imagination and creative skills. Among the known benefits of messy play are also an increase in the ability to concentrate and think independently. It can also be used to develop children’s senses and their awareness of what’s around them. It’s a real Sensory treat for children suffering from SPD, ASD or other Special Needs. It can also be useful for people in use of Sensory Tools for Rehabilitation who either need stimulation of their senses or to rebuild muscle tissue.

This Kit includes::

Have a look at our Tactile Instant Snow and see an example of Messy Play in action!

This Messy Play Kit is suitable for Toddlers and Adults a like, both at home or at a Therapy Centre. Please be on the look out for more of our Kits of Messy Play Ideas and Activities on our website!

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