Fine Motor And Dexterity

Our tactile range of Fine Motor & Dexterity toys and products promote lots of actions involving the fingers, hands and wrists. These activities help to develop the pincer grip, providing important practice for writing skills and scissor control, and to develop strong fine motor skills, grip and manipulation.

These fine motor activities are also important for dressing skills, as manipulating buttons and zippers requires practice and precision.

These useful products can be adapted to a wide variety of ages and skill levels. Lots of fun sensory actions to experience, grab attention, encourage participation, success, distract, improve reactions, and provide strong visual and sound rewards.

BENEFITS: Promote fine motor skills, dexterity, hand-eye co-ordination, concentration, visual tracking, focus, manipulation, to encourage success, tode-stress, as fidgets, distractions, to open discussion and cause &effect.

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