Time and Measurement

It can be difficult for special needs children or children with various sensory issues to grasp the concepts of time, space and basic mathematics. That is we’ve compiled this category full educational tools and resources to help children understand these concepts, all in a fun and playful manner.

Note among our products, the very popular Sand Timers. These timers, carefully crafted in high quality sturdy plastic and glass, have been cleverly designed to tickle children's curiosity. They come in different, bright colours  and in both large and small sizes, and also come in different time intervals. They are especially powerful when put next to one another for comparison. Children will comprehend that one timer is different from another because the difference in time interval, and through this come to a deeper understand of the concept of time. Asides from that, simply watching the sand running through the timer is a mesmerizing visual effect that will definitely please children with either autism, ADHD, or other similar conditions.


Educating special needs children requires much foresight, innovation and imagination. Here at Sensory Toy Warehouse we always strive to bring in such products and make them available at affordable prices.


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