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LET US SPARK YOUR IMAGINATION IN 2016... our warehouse is simply bursting at the seams with hundreds of exciting and inspiring sensory delights; providing essential opportunities for actively engaging all ages in enjoyable and meaningful sensory activities and experiences.


Featured Products

Dolls House Complete Set

A Traditional dolls house made from Rubberwood, packed with traditional and easily recognisable furniture and characters for small world play.

Rubens Ark Empathy Dolls

Super cute and tactile child dolls that are lovingly crafted to create a friendly look. These dolls are weighted at the bottom allowing them to sit upright unsupported. They are huggable, soft, and tactile.

Large Dolls House Complete Set

FANTASTIC brightly decorated dolls house comes with a huge variety of furniture and living spaces, along with a friendly-faced family, with bendy arms and legs, which provide a great environment for fun & entertainment.

Bendy Monkey

ENDEARING tactile characters made of durable plastic with infectious smiling faces and super bendy limbs making these an ideal fiddle and fidget toy to busy and occupy fingers. Available in 2 colours: Grey or Brown

Junior Pop Rocket Launcher Set

JUNIOR pop rocket is a child friendly version of the regular pop rocket - the safe foam rocket will launch effortlessly up to 50m in the air!

Flower Shaped Sorting Tray

BRIGHTLY coloured flower shaped tray, great for all counting, sorting and classifying activities and also ideal for use as a paint tray or for colour mixing.

Cosmic Light Up Disco Spinner

LIGHT up spinner with LED lights that create an amazing patterned dancing light show, with multi function patterns, and multi coloured lights. A great light show or disco effect over a good area.

Light Up Asteroid Ball

COSMIC surprisingly bouncy large translucent coloured ball with bright internal LED flashing lights

Light Up Maraca

Our Light Up Maraca provides great musical sounds and is fun to shake shake shake!


Series of 90-degree curves, connected and able to pivot at each joint - excellent to fidget - can help to focus and stimulate attention and concentration by keeping the mind and hands occupied.

Flexi Sensory Kit

A Flexi Kit provides hours of bending, twisting, and fiddling satisfaction. Fidgets heaven! - perfect to 'Grab & Go' and take anywhere with you.

Wooden Flexi Ballerina

FABULOUS poseable wooden ballerina that is both aesthetically pleasing and designed to keep fidgety hands busy!

Scentos Scented Bubbles

FRUIT scented bubble solution provides lots of different scented bubbles - smells wonderful & great fun to encourage tracking skills. Chase the bubbles, catch the bubbles, smell the bubbles! Available in 2 sizes.

Scentos Fruit Scented Markers

FRUIT scented marker pens in 2 different sizes and lots of different scents including strawberry, blueberry, watermelon, lemon and orange - smells wonderful & helps to focus & relax whilst being creative

Scentos Scented Dough

FRUIT scented modelling dough including green apple, strawberry, watermelon & blueberry - smells wonderful & helps to focus, and relax and be calm whilst being creative, enjoying playing and learning.

Chewy Tubes

INNOVATIVE designs to provide a resilient, chewable surface for practicing biting and chewing skills. Enjoyed by those seeking additional proprioceptive input into the jaw. 6 designs. Sold each

Chewy Tube Sensory Kit

PROVIDE valuable sensory input into the jaw through chewing & biting. Free from all harmful chemical properties.

Button Chewigem Necklace

PROVIDE valuable sensory input into the jaw through chewing & biting. A durable pendant – suitable for moderate chewers.

Duck Quack

PLASTIC beak shaped noise maker makes realistic duck sound when blown. Fun resource to promote respiratory exercise. Available in assorted colours.


BRIGHT colourful, lightweight, tuneful and satisfyingly noisy! Set of 8 virtually indestructible plastic tuned percussion tubes - strike against each other, your hand, shoe, a table... endless possibilities!

Animal Giggle Balls

PLUSH animal toy with cartoonish features and a rounded ball-like body. Press the button on its hand and it starts making animal noises before breaking out in a fit of excited giggles.